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  • Mona Pologea created a new topic ' Summer school - Learn Romanian' in the forum.

    ROLANG School organizes the 8th edition of the summer school on Romanian language between 23rd of July - 3rd of August 2018, in the city of Sibiu.
    The program includes morning activities (30 hours of class courses) and afternoon activities (8 hours of immersion courses, museum visit, film screenings, guided tour of Sibiu city center, social parties, optional trip to the Village Museum in Sibiu).
    Morning activities: Language courses

    The morning language program includes 30 hours of Romanian language for beginner, intermediate and advanced level.
    Students will be divided into 4 groups (A1, A2, B1, B2), according to their level of Romanian.
    With an assessment test sent via e-mail, each student will be evaluated and placed in the correct group.

    Class course schedule: 3 hours / day, from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

    Courses location: Department of Journalism, Faculty of Social & Human Sciences, Lucian Blaga University, 3 Brutarilor Street, Sibiu (Departamentul de Jurnalism, Facultatea de Științe Socio-umane, Universitatea Lucian Blaga, strada Brutarilor nr. 3, Sibiu)

    Afternoon activities

    - 4 immersion courses: 8 hours, twice a week, from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
    - guided tour of Sibiu city center (English speaking guide): on Monday, the 23rd of July, from 3 pm to 5 pm
    - 1 museum visit (English speaking guide): on Wednesday, the 25th of July, from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
    - 3 film screenings and discussions (English subtitles): during 3 afternoons, from 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm
    - 2 social parties: on Wednesdays (July 25 and August 1), from 7:00 to 9:30 pm

    Language levels and course curricula

    The language levels are established according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

    The beginner level (A1 and A2 level) develops basic communication skills on Romanian language, by learning familiar everyday phrases and words and basic grammar notions.

    The intermediate level (B1 and B2 level) develops skills such as communication about familiar topics, understanding texts with a high frequency in a conversation, writing messages or short compositions describing feelings, emotions and impressions.

    The advanced level (C1 and C2 level) aims in developing spontaneous conversations on various topics, comprehension of long and complex texts or compositions, understanding of any kind of spoken Romanian language.

    The course curricula is adapted to the students, with favorite topics arranged around the student's interests. The teaching method is based on communication. Conversations and communication activities alternates with comprehension, vocabulary and grammar exercises.

    The instructors are Ph.D. holders, authors of Romanian manuals for foreigners and University of Bucharest teachers.

    Language certificate

    At the end of the course, the students will have a test and will receive a certificate proving their level of Romanian.

    There are three types of fee, according to the package you would like to book:

    1) 270 euros: morning activities & social parties

    The package includes: 30 hours of class courses, final test, language certificate, social parties.

    Class course schedule: from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 to 12:30 o'clock

    Social parties: on Wednesdays (July 25 and August 1), from 7:00 to 9:30 pm

    2) 325 euros: morning activities, immersion courses (afternoon activities), social parties

    Morning activities: 30 hours of class courses, final test, language certificate

    Class courses schedule: from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 to 12:30 o'clock

    Immersion courses: 8 hours, twice a week, from 15:00 to 17:00 o'clock

    Social parties: on Wednesdays (July 25 and August 1), from 7:00 to 9:30 pm

    3) 345 euros: full package: morning & afternoon activities, social parties

    Morning activities: 30 hours of class courses, final test, language certificate

    Afternoon activities: 8 hours of immersion courses, museum visit, film screenings, city center guided tour

    Social parties: on Wednesdays (July 25 and August 1), from 7:00 to 9:30 pm

    Optional trip at "Astra" Village Museum in Sibiu

    On Saturday, the 28th of July 2017, from 10:30 to 15:30 o'clock

    Price: 23 euros / student (transportation, guide, entrance ticket, lunch included in the price)

    The "Astra" Museum in Sibiu is the largest open-air museum in Romania, and the second-largest museum of this kind in Europe.

    The "Learn Romanian" package (812 pages - manual, exercise book, USB flash card) costs 39 euros.
    Discounted price for the summer school students: 30 euros (23% discount).

    More info about the summer school:

    You can register for the Summer school courses at the following link:

    Registrations can also be made at the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Nithiyathomas created a new topic ' New Help for students!!' in the forum.

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  • Martin Scheer
    1 week ago

    International University of Monaco (IUM): Summer School 2018. THE SUMMER SCHOOL IS DESIGNED FOR COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY STUDENTS WILLING TO BROADEN THEIR INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE BY DISCOVERING NEW CULTURES AND ENVIRONMENTS. Situated where the French and Italian Rivieras meet, Monaco is in a truly exceptional geographical location. World renowned as a center of business excellence, it has been at the...

  • Martin Scheer
    1 week ago

    AU Summer University 2018 is Aarhus University’s summer school which takes place on our beautiful campus every year in July and August.

  • Martin Scheer shared a photo.
    1 week ago

    ZHAW School of Management & Law: Swiss Summer School. Thank you very much for your interest in our Swiss Summer School. We will be pleased to welcome you at the ZHAW School of Management and Law in the summer 2018 to the course Luxury Management.

  • Martin Scheer shared a photo.
    1 week ago

    AUP offers one of the largest and most varied selections of summer courses in France and Europe. Take a few weeks in June or July to forge deep ties with the city of Paris, while earning credits towards your degree and preparing for an exciting, international future.

  • Martin Scheer
    1 week ago

    Helsinki Summer School is a three-week academic event organised every August by the University of Helsinki. The heart and soul of Helsinki Summer School is its wide range of fully-credited courses, all of which are taught in English. Helsinki Summer School offers courses for students doing their Bachelor's, Master's or PhD degree.

  • Eleanor Morgan created a new topic ' 4 Tips to Stand Out At the College' in the forum.

    In the college nobody will tell us that we do not eat chewing gum, that we do not stretch out or that we sit down correctly, but in spite of that freedom that is breathed, we must take care of certain attitudes if we want to make a good impression to our professors.

    Doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert, prefer to complete all the work yourself or hire a, for instance, professional essay writing service - EssayRiver, enjoy individual or group-based study sessions, etc., here are the things that you need to realize as the fundamental of college or university discipline.

    1. Visible or invisible?
    When we share the class with hundreds of other people, we can safely spend the four years of our career being completely invisible to our teachers. Maybe this is the situation dreamed by many timid, but it is not ideal if we want to get some really good notes. It is true that exams and work can be very good, but a teacher is a person after all, and if he sees us interested and checks our effort, that will work in our favor when he corrects our exercises. But of course, he has to know who we are.

    2. Where to sit
    Always in the first rows. There we will listen well, we will pay more attention, we will see better what is written on the blackboard or is projected, the teachers will see we and they will get to know us and we will be much less distracted.

    3. Punctuality
    Although in the college they will not scold us if we are late, it is not a practice that we should turn into a habit, as is logical. In addition, if it is the case, it is better to enter without making noise and sit down quickly than to interrupt the class and the teacher to ask permission.

    4. Create your team
    Peers are essential in all human groups, and more in the faculty. Create a group of colleagues with whom you share your concerns, your notes, and your work with which you can enjoy the advantages of friendship and solidarity.


  • Annelle Murray created a new topic ' First College Exams: We Help You Overcome Them' in the forum.

    Our first February (or January, which is now being advanced) is always the most stressful. We still do not know the type of exams that each teacher puts, the difficulty they will have, how long they will be ... and it is normal that we magnify everything thinking that they will be very difficult, but the truth is that if they prepare well and maintain a good attitude, they are for so much.

    Get organized
    The secret of success (especially in our first exams) lies in good organization and planning. Do not wait any longer to collect all the notes that may be missing. It is important that you separate well the notes of each subject and that they are not a pile of scattered pages so that you can get a realistic idea of the volume of the syllabus that you have. You will also need to know the dates of each exam as soon as possible to design an adapted curriculum. You know, although there are still several classes after the Christmas holidays, it is better to prevent.

    Prepare them with time
    Nothing to study at the last minute. That is only valid when you have no other option and you already have a PhD degree exam. In our first exams, we need to gain confidence and reduce stress, not to gamble on Russian roulette. The sooner you start, the better: less stress afterwards, better grades, less fatigue. Really, it's worth sacrificing a couple of hours a day from now, before being then suffering.

    Varies study techniques
    Do not get to read and reread. Maybe that went well in high school, but now you will have more topics and probably more subjects, so try new things. It is not about that you stop doing what works for you, but that you complement it with other better study techniques and go checking which ones help you the most. On the other hand, think that reading and repeating so many subjects becomes very tedious and you may lose concentration quickly; when mixing techniques, studying will be more enjoyable. Even then if you fail to achieve your targets, you can refer to an online assignment writing company for expert counseling and help.


  • Amelia Swift created a new topic ' How to Find the First Job' in the forum.

    Finding a good job right after finishing the race and that is also related to our training is difficult but not impossible. To achieve this, you just have to organize yourself well, follow a series of steps and make the most of it.

    Take a moment to think
    Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses, with the things you would like to do in order of preference and draw up a strategic plan to meet your goals and acquire the training you need.

    Make a good resume
    The curriculum is your business card to work with and you need it to be suitable for the company or companies you want to opt for. Learn how to make the perfect curriculum for each type of company and it looks good everywhere.

    Internships in companies
    It can happen that if you prove to be a responsible person that you do your job well, when you finish the internship you are hired. If not, the experience will have helped you to learn a lot about how to work as a team and to expand your curriculum.

    In the network there are many pages of job offers that you should check periodically. You never know what can come out, so make sure you have updated your professional profile and take care that your social networks are presentable and do not miss good opportunities. If you are good writing skills so you can join any academic website as the position assignment writers UK.

    Universities have employment exchanges where you can register or consult their offers through the web; do not discard them, because they can leave very interesting things related to your field.

    Job boards
    Check the websites of the companies that interest you, many include job offers or a section where you can post your resume.


  • American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina
    4 weeks ago

    American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH) is the institution of higher education accredited in the United States of America and Bosnia and Herzegovina. All of our classes in undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies are offered in the English language.
    Summer School - Peace and Conflict available!3

  • American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina uploaded a new Profile cover

    4 weeks ago

  • American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina uploaded a video.
    4 weeks ago
    Learning Management System (LMS)

    This video will show you how to use AUBiH's Learning Management System (LMS) for studying. Learn more at

  • American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina uploaded a video.
    4 weeks ago
    Peace and Conflict Summer School

    Like every year, AUBiH is hosting students from different US universities in its Peace and Conflict summer study abroad program for the period of...

  • American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina uploaded a video.
    4 weeks ago
    About AUBiH

    AUBiH provides a quality university education that follows the world trends in specialized areas of economics, information technology, engineering,...

  • American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina shared 3 photos in the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina's Photos album
    4 weeks ago

    American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina gives an unique opportunity for foreign students who want to meet and absorb Bosnian culture, lifestyle, and its tradition.
    More on -

  • Rita created a new topic ' Summer School 2018 Católica Porto Business School' in the forum.

    Summer School at Católica Porto Business School - This Summer, change your perspective

    If you are an undergraduate or graduate student from any field of knowledge, or a young professional willing to update your skills, while enjoying an experience abroad, this programme definitely suits you! Courses in Marketing Trends, International Business and Entrepreneurship.

    More info available @


  • Rita uploaded a new Profile cover

    1 month ago

  • Rita uploaded a new avatar.
  • Rita created a new topic ' Summer School 2018 Católica Porto Business School' in the forum.

    Summer School at Católica Porto Business School - This Summer, change your perspective

    If you are an undergraduate or graduate student from any field of knowledge, or a young professional willing to update your skills, while enjoying an experience abroad, this programme definitely suits you! Courses in Marketing Trends, International Business and Entrepreneurship.

    More info available @


  • Rita added a new event
    1 month ago
  • BlancheDulac replied to the topic 'Aberystwyth Univ. UK: Short Courses by Distance' in the forum.

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  • georgel hays created a new topic ' When to seek help from write my essay service' in the forum.

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  • Audrey Blair created a new topic ' Is your son a good student?' in the forum.

    You may have wondered many times if your child is a good student. Some students fail and parents do not know for certain what the reasons are. Other parents, whose children approve without much difficulty, have the doubt of whether they perform well and if with a little more effort they could go much further ... One way to know more about your children and their study habits is...

    Our Test - Questions Questionnaire.

    We have prepared a test - questionnaire with 20 questions. Through them, you can identify the habits and study methods of your child.

    We also provide the information and recommended readings for each response. In this way, you can help your child overcome their weaknesses in their study habits.

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  • Hilda Peters created a new topic ' HOW TO PLAN YOUR STUDIES IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A JOB' in the forum.

    Are you having trouble reconciling your studies with your work routine? Learn some useful tips to help you organize the two areas of your life without major conflicts. Although it is very common to find college students looking for a job or part-time, some high school students are already in the job market. However, this should not be grounds for neglecting studies. If you are having difficulty reconciling all these tasks, learn to plan your studies considering the obligations to the job:


    If, when you were just a student, you needed planning, now that you have a job that is even more necessary. Be specific about all the tasks you have at hand and stay true to your schedule. Mark periods for school, work, and schooling proper. Also include leisure time where you can have fun in the way you like. Your brain still needs a period of inactivity and after so much effort, you deserve it.


    Do not take on more tasks than you can actually accomplish, both at work and in your academic life. Remember that when committing to a job, you must give yourself up to achieve the best possible performance without neglecting your studies. If you think you cannot lead a project at work or college, refuse it.


    Consider the morning to study and do homework. You may find that it will not be productive to wake up an hour earlier for this, but many people do their job better in the morning. Take a test for a week. If it does not fit, try to find another more productive period.

    Writing Junction support to those students who are doing a job with their studies, writing junction provides them best authentic support service. Writing junction is one of the big name in assignment writing services providing companies. They have experienced writing team.


  • CoyGagne created a new topic ' Top arguments for the summer school.' in the forum.

    We have long dismissed the myth that children are bored to learn. Just at school, teachers are not having enough time and chances to make learning interesting and bright. Summer school on a real scientific basis has these opportunities. Agree, one thing is to read the textbook and to cram the boring texts about proteins, fats and starches, quite another to stab in the laboratory, wearing a white robe, do what is labeled with their own hands. Usually after our summer schools the guys start to learn much more actively and independently.

    The summer school is designed to connect these worlds! In our summer school, the children are taught only by real expert’s employees of Moscow State University and leading research institutes. All of them make detection of this century, they are creating the science of our days. Best online dissertation writers, will reveal the secret of science to the children and motivate them to learn this vast world? Summer school on the basis of Moscow State University will give such a chance. After all, today's schoolchildren are the future cohort of experts who will be proud of.

    Very often the guys go to summer school and do not know a single person in the shift. This is on the one hand difficult, but on the other hand it turns out that a summer school is a chance to upsurge your social circle by an average of twenty people. And the summer school on technical bases is not just a chance to enlarge the circle of message, but also a way to find like-minded people, friends who, after the end of the summer school year, can continue to bite the granite of science together, support each other at sessions and Olympiads, share materials and together go to universities.


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